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​Steamy and sexy... I couldn't put it down.

Hanah Fadrigalan (NBC Universal)

I love all of the Boston, especially Dorchester, references, & Uzuri Wilkerson's hilarious, sarcastic sense of humor throughout.

mcflerin (Amazon)

Just like her vampire characters mesmerize humans with their deep stares, Uzuri Wilkerson lures her readers right into the book.

Laura (Amazon)


. . . there's enough mystery and intrigue in SWEET to fill multiple volumes!

Karl (Amazon)




​Sour is a great follow up to Sweet. I absolutely love Celia. She’s tough and quirky and vulnerable all at the same time.

Vickie (The Reading Cafe)

. . . after reading Sweet I couldn't wait to get Sour now I can't wait for the next book in this series . . .

Michelle (Amazon)





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